With stories.

Lisa Wondaland

Crazy, fun, passionate, critical, creatively ambitious

Authentic Entrepreneur.

Starting an own business is a total new level of responsibility, dedication and ownership - but it is the way to my self-realization.

Therefore, navigating my project with self-integrity by incorporating personal passions such as love for color, nature, fabrics, sewing, baking, and kids & babies - means the world to me.
My startup is about living up to my "authentic self" and sharing the outcome of that perspective with you.

Strategist & Stylist.

Despite creativity there is another side of me that is quite sensible and a huge fan of rationality. This part has gained a balanced impact with myself growing into motherhood. 
While loving art and haute couture, it is important to me to keep a reasonable eye on the 'real' world and its consumer behavior, frankly the 'market'.

Along my career I discovered 'Visual Merchandising' as another competency, where I integrate creativity with marketability and create a communication with the consumer from the consumer's perspective.

Dedicated Mum.

A responsibility I take on with grace and honor every single day. 
A job that is probably one of the most challenging but rewarding journeys in life.
A leadership role I've learnt to acknowledge and fully own.
An inspiration to my kid for developing an authentic self.

An ordinary girl - but defiinitely a cool mum!